The Daily News

Daily News

The Daily News is a New York City newspaper that was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson. In 2011, it moved downtown and was acquired by Tronc. Since then, the paper has won eleven Pulitzer Prizes. It has been described as a ‘flexibly centrist’ newspaper by the New York Times.

It moved downtown in 2011

The Daily News, a New York-based newspaper, has moved downtown in 2011. Since the move, the newspaper has expanded into other parts of the city. The paper’s headquarters once occupied the Daily News Building on East 42nd Street, but in the 1990s the newspaper decided to relocate to the West Side.

The building is undergoing a major transformation. The paper had previously operated at 1611 S. Main St., but will move to the Manhattan Building at 601 E. Third Street in January. The new building, which has been undergoing renovations, is owned by Woodard Development.

It was sold to Tronc in 2017

The New York Daily News has been sold to Tronc, a media conglomerate that also owns the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Tronc is buying the paper for $1 and assuming its liabilities, including a pension liability estimated to be about $100 million.

The deal includes a transfer of the Daily News’s management and ownership to Tronc, an investment firm run by Tim Ferro. In return, Tronc will get 50% of the Daily News’s most valuable asset, its printing plant in Jersey City on 25 acres of prime real estate across the river from the newspaper’s Manhattan home. Tronc will also take on the paper’s debt and pension liabilities, freeing Mr. Zuckerman from the burden of perpetual red ink.

It has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes

The New York Daily News has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting on a wide range of topics. In 1989, it won the Pulitzer Prize for its series on the Teamsters union, while in 1976 it won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for a series on alcoholism and suicide. In 1990, it was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for photography.

The Pulitzer Prizes are presented annually to the best work of journalism and are widely considered the highest award in the field. The Pulitzer Prize Board recognizes a wide range of journalism and media outlets, but narrowed down the winners to the five best in each category.

It has been in financial trouble for decades

The Chicago Tribune Company wanted to eliminate up to a thousand jobs from the newspaper, so the unions at the Daily News organized and went on a five-month strike. The paper continued to publish but with non-union replacement staff, and by the fourth quarter of 1990, it had lost more than $70 million.

The New York Daily News has been in financial trouble for decades. The paper’s original owner, Mortimer B. Zuckerman, bought it out of bankruptcy in 1993 and later sold it to Tribune Publishing for $1 in 2017 (at that time, the company was known as Tronc). Although the paper has been in financial trouble for decades, it did manage to regain its prominence in 2017 by winning the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for exposing the abuses by the New York Police Department during evictions.